About the artist

His name is DZHURA.

He is a biomechanical experiment that controls sound waves, whose heart beats in the rhythm of Techno and Deep-Tech. He kindles the hearts of people with rhythm, melody and inspires them with Faith in the creation of a New Era.

They call it the musical machine that sets the pace for the technical music of the post-apocalypse.

Wandering in the Darkness of the extinct world, he realized that people need music that can revive the universe and breathe new life into it. From the gnashing of the metal crumpled by the apocalypse, he learned to create a rhythm. The remaining spirit of nature gave him a motive and people gave him inspiration.

This is how his sound was born, which turns the energy of people into a dance.

My music

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My record label

SYMBIONT - a new algorithm, a new matrix, a new musical religion, the creation of a new life after the apocalypse. The symbiosis of machine programming and human emotions is the music that will create a new reality.